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"Your home is a reflection of your heart; make it a place of happiness and serenity."

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"Your home is your canvas; fill it with the colors of love and happiness."

A Window is a World to Wonder

"The magic of a home is not in its walls, but in the love that abides within them."

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About Us

Rosemarie McCaffrey Antiques & Interiors was established in 1987. A native of Ireland, Rosemarie McCaffrey has lived and worked in Los Angeles for over 19 years. Originally a fashion designer, she discovered that the skills required for couture have proved invaluable when designing interiors.Three times a year Rosemarie searches through French furniture houses and markets looking for authentic and characterful pieces that will be true to her unique aesthetic. Her collection is hand made and consists of European tastes, originating from the 18th through to the 20th century.

Her long-standing clientele are far reaching and from all walks of life. Many are interior designers who shop with discretion for their famous clients.

All are loyal supporters of this increasingly rare and highly personal business.

Rosemarie’s store has a calm atmosphere and callers are always welcome
to stay a while and chat. Do drop in!

Address and Hours

1203 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA  90403

Open 7 Days a Week


(310) 395-7711