Rosemarie McCaffrey Repair Services

If your old or new piece needs repair, we can fix it. Our master craftsman has a lifetime of experience and does meticulous work.

  • Chairs, Tables, Chests – any wood item:
  • Restoration and refinishing including paint, varnish, and wax
  • Strengthening loose joints: screws, gluing, etc.
  • Fixing chips, dings, scars, or missing pieces
  • Straightening and leveling uneven legs
  • Replacing damaged or broken glass panels and mirrors
  • Fabrics: Reupholstery, including tears and loose seams and tightening fabric
  • Metalwork: Straightening, re-welding, painting, refinishing
  • Electrical: Rewiring, upgrading, and conversions of chandeliers and lamps
  • Custom fabricating of chairs, stools, tables, and metalwork

Andres, Our Master Craftsman

Call us for a free no-obligation quote on your repair. Photos of the damaged item are helpful to us. You can email your request and photos and we will get back to you posthaste. Or, give us a call.

Phone:  310-395-7711 • E-mail: